Arts Education

  • Funding for Visual and Preforming Arts Program, grades 1-8. Includes new instruments and equipment including the new 5th and 6th grade Ukulele program. Pluse materials and equipment for visual arts.
  • Da Vinci Music Program, grades 9-12.  New instruments,  music stands, music repertoire and recording technology.

 WEF Teacher Grants

  •   29 Teacher Grants, totaling $25,000, awarded district-wide for grades TK-8.            Here is a partial list of how the monies will be spent: 
    • Middle School Engineering Hackathon
    • “Keyboarding Without Tears” Software
    • Multi-Disciplinary Art and Music Collaboration
    • Public Speaking Materials
    • 3D Printer: Students experience the design and engineering process
    • Wiseburn Intra-District STEM Challenge
    • Classroom Flexible Seating
    • Theater Artists in the Classroom
    • Physics: Using Croquet to Teach Newton’s 3 Laws
    • Math Manipulatives and Counting Materials
    • Classroom Technology: Projectors and Document Camera

Healthy Lifestyle Programs 

  • Middle School CrossFit Training Equipment
  • Stride Track- web based run tracking program, grades K-8



We celebrate visual, performance and applied arts by augmenting funding for vocal and instrumental music, art and dance instruction, and other creative programs that contribute to academic excellence. Your contributions to Wiseburn Education Foundation help foster an arts-rich STEAM environment through strategic partnerships and fundraising, which enhances student success and life-long achievements.