Juan de Anza Elementary                                          

Educator                                                          Grant Submission

Rachel Pianin/Rose Courtnell                                     Flexible Seating/Classroom Enhancements                                                                                       
Tanya Woodward                                                         Flexible Seating/Classroom Enhancements

Suzanne Guidi                                                              Flexible Seating/Classroom Enhancements

Janae Jeffery                                                                  Counting Collections for Learning Center

Heidi Obermeyer                                                         Counting Collections for Grades 2-5

Tiffany Graham                                                            Visual Art Project for Grades 3-5

Suzanne Guidi/Jordan Mc Kenna                               Eagle Fab Lab- Design Process with 3-D Printers for Grades 3-5


Peter Burnett Elementary                                        

Educator                                                          Grant Submission           

Andrea Kabwasa                                                         Counting Collections for Entire School

Amanda Steen                                                             Flexible Seating/Classroom Enhancements                                                                                           
Shannon Tupper                                                         Flexible Seating for Media Center

Tiffany Graham/Madison Scar                                   Black History Visual Art Project for All Students

Andrea Kabwasa                                                         Professional Development in Cognitively Guided Instruction for All Burnett Teachers


Juan Cabrillo Elementary                                          

Educator                                                         Grant Submission

Jennifer Williams                                                         Flexible Seating/Classroom  Enhancements                                                                                        
Ilyse Klein                                                                     Leveled Reading Books for Entire 2nd Grade

Deidra Jeffery                                                              Leveled Reading Books for Entire TK and Kindergarten

Lorrie Cariaga                                                             Leveled Reading Books for Entire 1st Grade

Dee Dee Zirbel                                                            Keyboarding Without Tears Software Subscription for Entire Grades K-2nd

Kelly Schumacher/Debra Davis                                 Flexible Seating and Class Sets of Story Books


R. H. Dana Middle School                                         

Educator                                                         Grant Submission

Deanna Ableser                                                          Professional Make-up for Drama Production

Kris Torrey                                                                   Hockey Set to Study Newton’s Law

Alice Davis                                                                    Field Trip for Special Needs Students

Jessica Aguilar/ Blanca Nolasco                                 Flexible Seating/Classroom Enhancements

Aimee Glotz                                                                 Student Resource Toolkit and Reading Book Recommendation Cards

Brandy Garcia/ Luis Gamez                                       Flexible Seating/Dry Erase Boards

Jessica Kim/ Elvira Spadafora                                     Flexible Seating/Classroom Enhancements

Amanda Gragg                                                            Graphic Novels for Spanish Classes

Melissa Rodriguez/ Evelyn Andrade                         Flexible Seating/Dry Erase Boards

Kevin Corrinet and Entire PE Staff                            Physical Fitness Equipment