Founded in 1995 by caring parents and community leaders of the Hollyglen, Wiseburn & Del Aire Communites, The Wiseburn Education Foundation has the sole purpose to fill the gap between state funds we require to maintain excellence in our schools and those our state provides.

This is an issue that affects our entire community because when our school district is fully-funded and our schools perform well, people want to live here.  This in turn elevates our property values as well as brings support to our local businesses.

WEF's goal is to unite businesses, corporations and residents throughout our community to provide sustainable and consistent funding directly to the public schools of the WIseburn Unified School District.

The Wiseburn Education Foundation exists to enhance student education, provide supplemental funding, and unify the schools and community of the Wiseburn Unified School District.


WEF works across all grade levels in the Wiseburn Unified School District to ensure learning takes place in a STEAM-rich environment and builds unity through beneficial partnerships with our schools, businesses, and community.

  • By 2021, WEF supports a fee-based enrichment program to enhance STEAM programming for students in grades 3-8.

  • By 2021, WEF has a 2-pronged program that: 1) enhances innovation grant program and 2) allows scaling for innovative STEAM learning opportunities.

  • By 2019, WEF 1) establishes a collaborative funding relationship with Da Vinci schools and 2) collaborates with Wiseburn Unified School District to develop programming priorities.

  • By 2021, music and visual arts programming is fully articulated across K-12.