WEF has many reasons to be thankful as you can see from the list below. These generous supporters help to maintain excellence in our Wiseburn public schools. Our Annual Appeal runs year-round and we're hopeful many more will join in supporting our campaign.  Thank you to the parents and community members who have donated this school year to our Annual Appeal.

2017-2018​ DONORS

The Aceves Famiy
Lesley Adams
Heather Alexander-In Memory of Joseph Alexander
American Cybersystems Inc.
Grace Ames- In Memory of Doug Sweeney
Anonymous (13)
Anonymous- In memory of Doug Sweeny (2)
Darah Arcila
Nicole and Arturo Arroyo
The Backus Family
Balfour Beatty
Roger and Minerva Banuelos
The Barajas Family
The Barker Family
Melanie Sterman and Giancarlo Basciu-  In memory of Sylvia Maffucci
Belkin International, Inc.
Bhalla and Pendergrass Family
            The Bingham Family              
Lauren Blair and Ibrahim Doumbia
Misty Blanks
The Booth Family
The Boye Family
The Bracken Family
Catherine and Steven Branson
The Brousseau Family
Durrell and Maria Lourdes Brown
Sarah and Peggy Burress
Pamela Burton
Maria D. Campos
Lorrie Cariaga
The Carpio Family
The Carranza Family
The Carrillo Family
Yesenia and Albert Carrol
Janice and Michael Caruso
           Jennifer and Hogen Cash            
Amber Castellanos
The Cawyer-Campbell Family
Linda and Christina Cessor
Erendida Chaidez
Pauline Chan
                        The Chand Family                          
Deborah and Willis Chang
Samantha Chilton and James Jaskol
The Chorn Family- Guillaume, Jenna, Charlotte and Josie
Chukwuebuka and Kenenna Chimezie
Debra and Al Chow- In Memory of Doug Sweeney
The Christmas Family
The Jack Chueh Family
The Cohen Family
The Colas Family
The Combs Family
Christina Comitz- In Memory of Doug Sweeney
Jane and Chet Comitz- In Memory of Doug Sweeney
Marilyn Comitz
Connecting Our Future Consulting
Continental Development Corporation
The Cooper Family
Alison and James Cooper
Pat Cornog
Katharine Crawley
The Cullinan Family
         The Custer Family          
Mary G Davids-  In Honor of the Gore Family 
     The Decelles Family     
The De Alday Family
Marcella and Dan DeShurley
Andy de Seriere
           The Devine Family          
The Dier Family
Karen Dill- In Memory of Doug Sweeney
The Donayre Family
Sarah Downie- In memory of Sylvia Maffucci
Christina Duddy and Pat Barrett- In Memory of Sylvia Maffucci
The Duvall Family
The Eskin and Smith Family
Falkenstein and Son Real Estate
Debbie and Marc Felt
Maria and Fabio Ferrante
The Franco Family
The Frelow Family
Cynthia Fuentes
The Garcia Family
Savannah Garris
Cheryl Greer
S. Gilliam
Aimee Glotz
Kathy and Gary Goering- In Memory of Douglas Sweeney
Miriam Goldmann
Dr. Neil Goldman
Deborah and Eyal Goldmann
The Gomez-Carmona Family
Judy and Gary Gonser
Michelle and Todd Gonser
The Goslin Family
Kathy and Bill Gore
Ms. Graham
Mary Grace Grammatico- In Memory of Sylvia Maffucci
Mary Grace Grammatico- In Memory of Doug Sweeney
The Greulach Family
Jessie Hammock and Nevaeh Smith Milburn
            Aileen and Gene Harbeck            
TaNisha and Christian Harris
Cheryl and Michael Hauck
Michele and Kevin Hayes
The Henry Family
The Heredia Family
The Hernandez Family
Lisa and Jesse Hernandez
The Hoff Family
Carol Holmes
Honey Can't Do Home Improvement
The Hubler Family
Igwebuike Family
Adriana and Andres Iturrios
Joan and Jake Jakubowski
Gabby and Gigi Jefferson
Carla Jones
         Kim and Chris Jones       
Kimberly Jones
Michelle and London Jones
      Chrissy and Tom Kehl     
Peggy and Don Kehl
Kendra Kehl
Mediatrix and Russell Kehl
Tiffany and Paul Kemppainen
The Kemppainen Family
Azhar Kheraj and Family
Kids of Del Aire Lemonade Stand
Kinecta Federal Credit Union
Sherry and Ian Kramer
Kroger-Food For Less
Kroger- Ralphs
The Larson Family
Daphne and Carlos Leake
Michelle and Ryan Legaspi
               Family of Zahria Lemons              
The Leonis Family Foundation
Jing and Rockman Leung
Lloyd and Porsha Lewis
The Longbottom Family
Juliana Portillo and Jeronimo Lopez
Jose Lopez
Los Angeles World Airports
Lorraine and Joe Lyou
The Maffucci Family- In Memory of Doug Sweeney
Winston Malhiot  
The Marquez Family
Helen and Nelson Martinez
Maria and Israel Mora
Jennifer Mascari
Holly and John Mascelli
Melissa and William Matthias- In Memory of Doug Sweeney
Sadie McDowell- In Memory of Doug Sweeney
The McKelvin Family
The McKeown Family
The Melero Family
Krisi Mills
Lorena Montanez
The Montes-Rodriguez Family
Israel and Maria Mora
Morley Group Foundation/Morley Builders Incorporated
The Moreno Family        
Jennifer and Scott Morgan
Mickey Mouse
The Moulton Family
Eva Muñoz and Ricardo Rivas
Katie and Austin Nguyen
Tony and Winnie Nguyen
Carolyn Niman
Niman & Associates, Inc.
The Nitsos Family
The Nourie Family
The Nulty Family
Elizabeth Odabashian
Liz and Steve Odabashian
Mary and Glen Odell
Sarah and James O'Grady
Susan Ogunnaike
Eamonn Oley
Ellen O'Loughlin-Villa
The Pacheco Family
Patricia Paledo
April Pamplin 
Paolucci Salling & Martin Communications Arts
Alberto Paredes
The Pascu Family
            The Pecora Family           
Peter Burnett Elementary Staff- In memory of Sylvia Maffucci
Jamie Peters
Keith and Kathy Pittluck- In Memory of Doug Sweeney
The Pittluck Family- In memory of Sylvia Maffucci
Ellen Porter
The Porter Family
The Rangel Family
Research Affiliates, LLC
Richard Rede
Nicole and James Reed
Dominik Reich
Patrick Reich
The Richards Family
The Richards Family
     The Richeson Family     
The Riddle Family
Richard Riordan Foundation
The Ramos Robles Family
Whitfield Russell- In Memory of Sylvia Maffucci   
The Santiago Family
Kelly Schumacher
The Seekins Family
Beth Seidenfrau and Patricia Arrednido
Jason Sharafiddine Family
Matt Shook
The Silvers Family
John Slezak
Smart & Final Charitable Foundation
The Smith Family
       Heidi and Jim Smith       
Liza and Abel Somilleda
Somilleda Business Solutions
The Soto Family
South Bay Ford & Lincoln
South Bay Swim Team
Stephanie Speliopoulos
Dina Stern
The Straeter Family
Glinda Suarez
The Swartzlander Family
Dorothy and Jim Sweeney- In Memory of Douglas Sweeney
Dorothy and Jim Sweeney- In memory of Sylvia Maffucci
Christine Thompson
The Thompson Family
Anne and Brett Tittle
The Tittle Family
The Torres Family
Sybil Tourville and Brooke Tourville-Pandey
The Umekubo Family     
Kiley Urashima
The Urenda Family
Reena Varner
Deepak Vashishtha
Aaron Walker
Diana Walker
Michael and Kesha Walker
The Weatherford Family
The Weinstein Family
West Basin Municipal Water District       
Lisa Wilberg
                         The Willard Family                         
Matthew Yang
The Yanagisako Family
The Zirbel Family