WEF has many reasons to be thankful as you can see from the list below. These generous supporters help to maintain excellence in our Wiseburn public schools. Our Annual Appeal runs year-round and we're hopeful many more will join in supporting our campaign.  Thank you to the parents and community members who have donated this school year to our Annual Appeal.

Donor Listing
July 1, 2018 – January 10, 2019

Heather and Maya Alexander-In Memory of Joseph Alexander


Anonymous (36)

Anonymous- In Memory of Doug Sweeney (3)

The Araujo Family

Corey Assibey

The Arroyo Family


The Backus Family

Roger and Minerva Banuelos

The Beard Family

Benefit Mobile

Caroline Bhalla and Mike Pendergrass

Lauren Blair and Ibrahim Doumbia

The Bolin/Blanks Family

The Blum Family

The Branson Family

The Burress family

The Cabaong Family

Maria D Campos

Lorrie Cariaga

The Carranza Family

Yesenia and Albert Carrol

The Castillo Family

The Cessor Family

Gwendolynn Chan Arimoto

Willis and Deborah Chang

Shavonda and Roosevelt Christmas

Cristian Carpio

Margarita Cisneros

The Colas Family

The Cole Family

The Colón Family

The Combs Family

The Combs Family

Marilyn Comitz

Christina Comitz

Chet and Jane Comitz- In Memory of Doug Sweeney

The Coopers

Katharine Crawley

The Cullinan Family

Vic and Nel De Alday

The Devine Family

The Dier Family

Susan Dundorf

Melissa Escobar

The Eskin Family

The Fancher Family

The Felt Family

Maria and Fabio Ferrante

Alani Flores

Food 4 Less

The Franco Family

The Fritz Family

Neil Goldman

The Goldmann Family

The Gonzalez Family

Kathy and Bill Gore- South Bay Swim Team

Tiffany Graham- In celebration of arts education!

The Greulach Family

Rebecca Hamburg Cappy

The Harbeck Family

TaNisha Y. Harris

The Hashemi Family

Cheryl and Michael Hauck

The Henry Family

Stacey Henry

Roseann Hermand and Mayer Davidson- In memory of Doug Sweeney

The Hizon Family

The Ingram Family

The James Family

The Jensens

Rabbi Isaac Jeret

Kimberly Jones

Mediatrix and Russell Kehl

Don and Peggy Kehl

The Kemppainen Family

The Kianrokh Family

Kinecta Federal Credit Union

The LA25 Foundation for the Arts

Carlos & Daphne Leake

Leonis Family Foundation

Jacqueline Longbottom

The Loo Family

The Lopez Family

The Lyou Family

The Maffucci Family- In memory of Doug Sweeney

Ana Maria and David Marcelletti

Maureen Martineau

Nelson & Helen Martinez

The Mascari Family

Cameron Massey

Sandie and Mike McDowell- In Memory of Doug Sweeney

The McKelvin Family

The McGill Family

The Meidl Family

The Melero Family

The Miao Family

The Mizuno Family

Lorena Montanez

Aurea Montes-Rodriguez

The Montes-Rodriguez Family

Jennifer and Scott Morgan

The Moulton Family

Eva Munoz and Richardo Rivas

Janet and Aaron Nathanson

Kevin Nguyen

Carolyn Niman

Niman & Associates. Inc.

The Nitsos Family

Northrop Grumman Foundation

The Odabashian Family

Eamonn and Marie Oley

Otegbulu Family

The Parmar Family

The Pascu Family

The Persky Family

The Porter Family

Amy Primbsch

The Quade Family

The Ragghianti Family

Ralphs Community Contribution

Margarita and Richard Rede

Dominik and Patrick Reich

The Riddle Family

Arleen Romero

Janice Rotella

The Santiago Family

Leilani Santiago

Kelly Schmaucher

The Seekins Family

The Severns Family

The Shook Family

Blake Silvers

The Somilleda Family

Stephanie Speliopoulos

Heather Swartzlander

Jim and Dorothy Sweeney

The Taylor Family

Laura Thatcher

Christine D Thompson

Anne and Brett Tittle

Evan Torrence

The Torres Family

The Torres Family

Sybil Tourville and Brooke Tourville-Pandey

The Tuttle Family

The Urashima Family

The Valant/Spaight Family

Michael and Aykesha Walker

The Weatherford Family

The White Family